Air Canada Update on ALPA talks February 15, 2024
Sep 2023

Air Canada today provided the following update on its ongoing negotiations for a new collective agreement with the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), which represents Air Canada’s more than 5,000 pilots.

We are pleased to have agreed in January on a bargaining protocol with ALPA that creates a framework for continued, constructive bargaining between the parties. Both sides committed to working with an experienced mediator, Bill Kaplan. This gives Air Canada customers certainty and the ability to book with full confidence for the important summer travel period when many Canadians are enjoying their hard-earned vacations.

The protocol agreement between ALPA and Air Canada is also beneficial to all employee and other stakeholder groups, as our business will to continue operating normally as we work toward a new contract with our pilot group.

Air Canada remains committed to reaching a fair and equitable collective agreement with ALPA that recognizes the contributions of our pilots and supports the competitiveness and long-term growth of our company. We are confident that, with the assistance of a mediator freely chosen and agreed upon by both parties, we can achieve a settlement that is positive for everyone.

Under the protocol agreement, to facilitate the bargaining process both sides have agreed not to file for conciliation. Should an agreement not be reached by June 1, 2024, negotiations may continue but either party will also have the option to notify the other of their intent to terminate the protocol with a 14-day notice period. When that period has expired, the protocol will be terminated and either party can file for government assisted conciliation. The protocol may also be terminated if the mediator declares that the parties have reached an impasse, or by mutual agreement between the parties. Our goal remains to provide our pilots with an improved contract as early as possible by achieving a freely negotiated collective agreement during this mediation process.

Under the Canada Labour Code, a party seeking conciliation must first file a notice of dispute and there is then a period of up to 15 days before a conciliator is appointed, after which negotiations will continue, with typically a 60-day conciliation period, followed if no agreement is reached at this point by a 21-day cooling off period. For more information on this process, please see

Air Canada Update on ALPA talks September 27, 2023

Air Canada remains engaged in productive discussions with ALPA. Although our existing collective agreement expires September 29, 2023, this is a normal part of the bargaining process. Our contract’s provisions remain in effect, and we continue to operate our airline as usual. We are committed to reaching a fair, negotiated settlement with our pilot group.

For information on the bargaining process and timelines please see: