Meet Harold, Inflight Training Specialist, Air Canada, recently featured in Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Facebook series #PeopleOfPearson
Feb 01, 2017

Meet Harold, Inflight Training Specialist, Air Canada, recently featured in Toronto Pearson International Airport's Facebook Series#PeopleofPearson#PearsonPOV

As an Inflight Training Specialist, I train new and existing cabin crew members. New cabin crew go through 6 to 7 weeks of rigorous training before graduating, and then for the rest of their careers as flight attendants they return once a year to update their training and skills.

Our customers expect caring service and our training focuses on how we can best fulfill these expectations while delivering them safely to their destinations. That means a big part of my job is about training flight attendants to find as many opportunities as they can to make really special moments for our customers.

My favourite part of my day is actually arriving at work because I love what I do. Training, coaching, and connecting with my colleagues is my passion. I can proudly say that no one at Air Canada has presented the initial flight attendant training program as many times as I have — nearly 70 times and every day is a new challenge. I try to tailor my training for every learning style so my students can go beyond memorizing and truly learn and apply their training to many different situations — because that’s critical when you’re tasked with the responsibility of being a flight attendant.

- Harold, Inflight Training Specialist, Air Canada
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