Meet Jeff, Lead Cabin Service Cleaning Attendant and Trainer, recently featured in Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Facebook series #PeopleOfPearson
Mar 01, 2017

Meet Jeff, Lead Cabin Service Cleaning Attendant and Trainer, Air Canada, recently featured in Toronto Pearson International Airport's Facebook Series#PeopleofPearson#PearsonPOV

"I show up to work and get a list of the aircraft that we need to service that day. We wait for all our customers to deplane and then clean it so it ready for the next flight. The customer wants to leave and arrive on time and that is what matters, especially if they have a connecting flight. I also work as a trainer, teaching employees how to do their job safely and properly. I can teach everything from operating heavy equipment like high lift trucks and air-stairs for unloading planes, to cabin grooming and proper lifting techniques. Helping people and making their day easier is my favourite part of the day. People come to me with questions and I want to solve their problems. The other day one of the managers couldn’t reach a box of blankets that was stored too high up. I love helping whenever I can. I grabbed a forklift and brought the box down for her. One of my proudest moments was helping to welcome Syrian refugees to Canada. When we started bringing in Syrian refugees I had the opportunity to fly out to Jordan and help to secure the aircraft and fly back with all these children and families coming to Canada. It brought tears to my eyes. For someone who thrives on helping people, I’ll never forget that experience."

- Jeff, Lead Cabin Service Cleaning Attendant and Trainer
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