Meet Micheline, Boeing 787 First Officer and Flight Instructor, recently featured in Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Facebook series #PeopleOfPearson
Feb 01, 2017

“I’ve been flying the 787 for three years and I’m coming up on my tenth anniversary with Air Canada. The love of aviation started when I was young. I flew on Dash-8’s to Northern Ontario and it was pre-9/11 so the door was always open and I could sit up front. That’s where it started.

After I graduated from university I obtained all my licenses. It took about two years to get everything. Like everybody else I spent some time applying for jobs and finally my time came. Getting hired at Air Canada was my dream and I worked at it for a lot of years. Today I’m living my dream and I’m very fortunate for that.

Anywhere you fly in the world is different. Flying to Edmonton and Calgary we get to see the Northern Lights from up in the air. Passing over the Pacific Ocean you’ll think you have come across land because there are massive lights below you, but it’s actually the pattern of lights from fishing fleets. We see the mountains from above, too. We get to watch a lot of shooting stars and the International Space Station going by all the time. It’s beautiful.”

-Micheline, Boeing 787 First Officer and Flight Instructor, Air Canada
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