Meet Robert, Stock Keeper, recently featured in Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Facebook series #PeopleOfPearson
Apr 13, 2017

Meet Robert, Stock Keeper, Air Canada, recently featured in Toronto Pearson International Airport's Facebook Series#PeopleofPearson#PearsonPOV

"I started ten years ago with Air Canada, working in Cabin Maintenance. I was always fascinated by airplanes, so I grabbed the opportunity when it came up. Being close to the planes and smelling the exhaust, that’s the fun part for me.

As Stock Keepers, ours is a multifaceted job, picking mechanical pieces from the shelf, driving them to the ramp to be installed on an aircraft or packing them to be delivered to other airports. The total number of parts that we deal with would have to be in the thousands.

I keep a few airport pens and pins in my pocket, it’s an old habit from my mechanic days. You see children who are engaged and interested, I like to give them a little souvenir—it’s rewarding because it reminds you how much fun your job is. We’re the face of the company and if I can do something on a personal level, it goes a long way.

One of my favourite moments was a few years ago. I’d been working the ramp for a while and hadn’t had lunch. I decided I needed a coffee so I went upstairs and got in line. There was a man and his son in line behind me and he commented that he always gets great service with Air Canada. He asked me how many coffees I was getting. I said one, but he asked how many guys and gals were in my department. He insisted on buying me a box of coffee. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. When I brought the coffees back everyone was flabbergasted. Now, when I give out a pen or a pin it’s trying to give back after that experience waiting in line for a coffee."

- Robert, Stock Keeper, Air Canada
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