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  • Mar 2014

    Discover how Air Canada's Boeing 787 Dreamliner was made in this time-lapse video. Watch the hard word of countless Air Canada team members to bring you everything you dreamed of in an airplane.

  • Sep 2012

    The airline first came into being on April 10, 1937, when Trans-Canada Air Lines was incorporated by an Act of Parliament to coordinate air transport across Canada's broad expanse. Its means? $5...

  • Jul 2012

    On this first episode of Travel Unravelled, we 're going to give you an exclusive tour of the flight that will redefine the relationship between sustainability and aviation.

  • Aug 2011

    On this episode, we take you on a behind the scenes tour of Air Canada 's In-Flight Service Training center in Montreal where new recruits endure a gruelling 8-week course in order to become...

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