Air Canada CleanCare+: TouchFree Bag Tagging coming to more Canadian airports
Jul 01, 2020

As Air Canada continues expanding the range of touchless services in its CleanCare+ program, TouchFree Bag Check is coming to more Canadian airports.

Already in place at the Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary airports, TouchFree Bag Check is being expanded to other select Canadian airports, and will also be available for customers departing on international flights from Canada. 

It’s a simple process that starts prior to arriving at the airport. Customers check-in online or via the Air Canada app up to 24 hours prior to flight departure, indicate the number of checked bags they will be travelling with and pay any fees.  Boarding cards with options to store electronically on a smartphone or printed are obtained, and the check-in process is all complete before arriving at the airport.

Once at the terminal, customers simply scan their electronic or pre-printed boarding cards at the designated kiosks for TouchFree Bag Tagging to automatically have all tags printed.  After attaching the tags on the bags, customers then place the tagged bags on the baggage belt at self-service bag drop machines without any need to touch the devices. The machine will sense the bag being placed on the belt and automatically scan the tag before moving the bag along.

Watch this video on the easy steps to follow so you can send your bag on its way: