Carey-ing kids to their full potential!
Mar 2019

For the fifth consecutive year, the Air Canada Foundation and Breakfast Club of Canada joined forces to welcome three Indigenous youth from British Columbia on an exceptional trip to meet Montréal Canadiens goaltender, Carey Price, as part of the Shooting for the Stars event.

For Carey Price, who is from the Ulkatcho Reserve in Anahim Lake, this event is a wonderful way to encourage children from communities like his to dream big and shoot for the stars. "For these children, we know that a single spark can change their lives, or even the realities of their entire community. For this reason, nurturing these children's dreams is especially important to us, and we are very touched and grateful to be able to play an inspiring role in their lives through the Shooting for the Stars event." said Carey and Angela Price, Breakfast Club of Canada ambassadors.

The Air Canada Foundation was pleased to offer Arianna, Lashawn and Sireasha, the trip of a lifetime. Beyond an unforgettable travel adventure, Arianna, Lashawn and Sireasha had the privilege to meet the Mayor of Montréal, Valerie Plante, visit the city, skate with their idol and watch #31 defend the net during a Montréal Canadiens game.

"It's really amazing for me to see all the people who have worked so hard to give my granddaughter the chance to take this trip. She is incredibly lucky to have been selected." said Brenda, grandmother of Sireasha who accompanied her on this trip.

The Air Canada Foundation’s support to Breakfast Club of Canada in numbers

In 2019, the Air Canada Foundation is committed to:

  • Fund the opening of two priority Indigenous breakfast programs in the Northwest Territories and Yukon
  • Sustain three breakfast programs in remote schools by covering the costs of food purchases and kitchen equipment

In 2017 and 2018 alone, through a financial contribution of $148,000:

  • 2,500 aboriginal students accessed a healthy breakfast every day
  • Students were offered a greater variety of food that contained more whole grains and was lower in sugar
  • Children were able to increase their food literacy, culinary skills and capacity to incorporate traditional foods into breakfast programs

Over the past 7 years:

  • 11,249 students were fed for a total of 1,856,085 breakfasts served
  • 14 youth from Indigenous communities had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the Shooting for the Stars event.