Customers Donate More than $400,000 to Air Canada Foundation’s Every Bit Counts Change Collection for Charity
Jan 01, 2020

As one of the Air Canada Foundation’s main fundraising initiatives, loose change of any denomination is collected on board aircraft and in Maple Leaf Lounges across Canada. The 2019 efforts set a record with more passengers than ever opening their pockets to help children in need, raising $406,000.

The 2019 donations were given to the 14 Canadian pediatric hospitals that make up the Children’s Miracle NetworkExternal site which may not meet accessibility guidelines..

For the upcoming 2020 year, donations made through the Every Bit Counts program will be offered to the Breakfast Club of Canada, which helps prevent child hunger.


“In Canada, one in four children is at risk of starting their day on an empty stomach, even more so in Indigenous communities, where one in two children may not have breakfast to fuel their learning,” said Lisa Clowery, Director, Foundations and Corporate Relations at Breakfast Club of Canada. “The money from the Every Bit Counts program will help to feed students in Canada that might go to school hungry.“

Got spare change to donate? Kindly place it in the envelope available in aircraft seat-back pockets, speak with your flight attendant, or look for the change towers in the Maple Leaf Lounge.

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