How to make work travel smoother
Jul 01, 2018

Whether you are expanding your small business to another part of the province or taking your company to the next level on the world stage, travelling for work can be stressful. Fortunately, you can make the trip easier and more enjoyable with these quick tips.

Choose plane fares for your needs. Some need wifi on the plane, while others need a quiet place to work at the airport. Air Canada’s range of North American economy fares are all about customization, allowing you to choose the flexibility and amenities you want. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, there’s a fare to meet your needs. Business travellers will appreciate the features and amenities of their new comfort class fare, and if you’re travelling with family, a better bet might their flex economy fares that include the value of one checked bag, free seat selection and full Aeroplan mileage accumulation for a little bit more than their standard economy fares.

Use tech to plan ahead. There are plenty of travel apps and websites designed to make your experience smoother, from help with learning basic words in another language to booking a ride from the airport to your hotel. You can also check in online before your flight, saving you lots of time at the airport.

Pre-pack a travel bag. Keep a bag ready to go with a toiletry kit, clothes and other necessities you’ll need on any trip. That way, when you need to leave for a last-minute trip or don’t have time to pack, you’ll be ready to head out the door and won’t forget anything.

Choose upgrades that make a difference. Being comfortable makes all the difference when flying, so consider some strategic upgrades that will go a long way towards making your trip a positive experience. Try Air Canada’s premium economy cabin for a treat outbound to arrive well rested or for the return so you can celebrate the trip’s wins. Their bid-upgrade program may even get you that upgrade at your price range. Try it out at

Tack on an extra day. You’ve already carved out the time in your schedule to be away for a few days, so why not book an extra day at the beginning or end of a business trip for your own personal adventure? You’ll have a better opportunity to soak up the sights, experience the culture and be able to say you saw more than a conference room. Just remember to pack light and save some room in your carrier for souvenirs.