The Air Canada Foundation pitstop helps Rally for Kids raise funds for The Pinball Clemons Foundation
Oct 01, 2018

Picture this: You are sitting in the flight deck of an Airbus A321 and have to figure out what some of the hundreds of buttons and information screens do. Now add in a time element and the pressure of a friendly competition to make things even more challenging.

That is what dozens of people faced last weekend in one of Air Canada’s hangars in Toronto during a pit stop challenge organized by the Air Canada Foundation as part of the Rally for Kids Scavenger Cup that benefitted the Pinball Clemons Foundation.

“The Air Canada Foundation’s involvement in Rally for Kids and The Pinball Clemons Foundation truly makes for a special day for all our participants and helps us achieve our goal, which is to empower local youth in underserved communities through education. The Air Canada Foundation pitstop is always a fan favourite. Rally participants take part in once in a life-time activity that leave them with an unforgettable experience,” said Michael Clemons, Founder of the Pinball Clemons Foundation. “It is true, ‘We rise by lifting others.’ Air Canada, and its Foundation do that every day!”

The flight deck portion of the pit stop was just one of several Air Canada challenges that competitors had to complete before collecting their next clue that would lead them to the next pit stop in the day-long rally. They also had to complete an escape room challenge, as well as uniform and baggage challenges.

“As the Official Airline Sponsor of the Rally for Kids, we are pleased to take part in the Rally for Kids and help a worthy cause that aligns with the key values of the Air Canada Foundation. The Air Canada Foundation pit stop provided an opportunity to showcase realistic, airline-related tasks and unique experiences on the rally route that ensured participants were truly challenged during their stop in our hangar,” said Suzana Bulhoes, Community Investment Manager for the Air Canada Foundation.

For one Air Canada employee, having a chance to volunteer at the event and give back to the community hit especially close to home.
“As a previous member of Pinball’s Peel Achiever program as a youth, giving back especially this year is a no brainer and privilege! It’s a prestige opportunity to show my support and admiration for these amazing and wonderful young souls. And what better way with Canada’s national carrier leading the way!” said Bernard Tavernier, Manager of Air Canada Express in Toronto.

The rally, which featured celebrity navigators like Anthony Anderson, John O’Hurley, Kim Coates and Andrea Navedo, raised nearly $1,000,000. The money will be used by the Pinball Clemons Foundation to support the most marginalized youth by investing in programs that help empower them and create self-sustainability.

Helping children and those less fortunate is a key goal of the Air Canada Foundation and dozens of passionate Air Canada Foundation employee ambassadors were on site to guide participants through their challenges.

“Rally has been a big part of my life for the last 10 years and I look forward to volunteering each time.  It’s an honour to be able to help the children and volunteering is a way to give back to our community,” said Daniela Provato, an Executive Assistant at Air Canada.

“Being part of Air Canada and volunteering at Rally gives me a great sense of pride. Partnering with the Pinball Foundation gives us the opportunity of giving back and enriching the lives of youths in our community,” said Sally Yarrow, a Customer Sales and Service Agent at Air Canada.
Carla Marraffino, an IT Implementation Manager at Air Canada said: “It’s an amazing opportunity to Fly the Flag while giving something back to the community or make a difference in someone’s life.”

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