The world’s largest cargo conference is coming to Canada
Oct 12, 2018

You might not know it, but the device you are reading this on probably spent some time at 38,000 feet in the cargo hold of an aircraft before arriving at the store where it was purchased. And that’s one tiny slice of the more than $6 trillion in goods that are transported by air all over the globe each year.

The largest players from this vital industry, that transport everything from fine art, pharmaceuticals and perishable food items, will gather in Canada for The International Air Cargo Association’s (TIACA) International Air Cargo Forum and Exhibition. Air Canada is the host airline for this biennial event, which will be held between Oct. 16-18 in Toronto. The TIACA event allows businesses to connect under one roof to facilitate networking between players at all levels of the supply chain and is an opportunity to promote new products and services.

“As Canada’s s largest airline and belly cargo carrier, we are honored to support and be part of this key air cargo industry event, which is being held in Canada. In partnering with CIFFA to mark the organization’s 70th anniversary, the 2018 TIACA ACF will bring together people from around the world who are experts in transport logistics and passionate about this fascinating and ever-changing industry,” said Tim Strauss, Vice President of Air Canada Cargo.

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Air Canada is one of the biggest players in air cargo in the country, transporting roughly $120 billion in good last year. With roughly 1,700 shipments per day to 450 cities around the world, Air Canada Cargo and its 1,500 employees are an essential part of the global supply chain.

“TIACA ACF is a unique opportunity for dialogue in the air cargo industry. Through conferences and seminars, topics that will lead transformation and growth in our industry will be raised and examined. From digital transformation, ecommerce, blockchain technology, unmanned aircraft, training, security and much more, the forum will surely propel discussions that will help us continue to fully engage as an industry,” Strauss added.

Air Canada’s fleet of widebody aircraft move more than just passengers. Freight is carried in the cargo hold of most of Air Canada’s passenger fleet, with widebody aircraft providing the most cargo capacity. The Boeing 777 can carry up to 22,000 kilograms of cargo under the feet of our passengers, or roughly the equivalent of 12 SUVs. The Boeing 787 Dreamliners in our fleet can carry up to 16,000 kilograms of cargo as they crisscross the globe.

Over 4,000 cargo decision makers are expected to attend the event, which features panel discussions on a wide variety of topics, including training and education at 5 p.m. on Oct. 17 at the Toronto Convention Centre. Air Canada Cargo’s Tim Strauss will be on that panel which will focus on the value of education and training in the industry. The goal is to get more companies and organizations to support the TIACA-SASI (Strategic Aviation Solutions International) program which has been adapted for Air Canada Cargo.

“Air Canada has a strong culture of training and development. As part of the TIACA ACF, Air Canada Cargo hosted an internship program that provided young, developing professionals with an overview of different aspects of our industry. The internship was an opportunity to showcase our industry and contribute to initiative that help shape tomorrow’s air cargo leaders,” Strauss said.

Air Canada Cargo is also hosting a women’s networking cocktail on Oct. 17 between 5-6 P.M. at the Air Canada Cargo Pavilion, offering a chance for women in the industry or interested in joining the industry to make new connections and share ideas.

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